Jesus has commanded all Believers,
to be gathered, and to help gather, under
the promise of being blessed for obedience,
or of being cursed for disobedience (see
Mat. 12:30, John 14:15-26, and
Acts 3:22-23).

Jesus meant
what He said.  So,
don’t “mess” with Jesus
(see Psalm 2:12, Mat. 21:42-44,
Luke 12:1-5, Mat. 3:7-12, and more).

Remember:  Jesus has commanded
all Believers, to be gathered, or to be united, and
to help Him gather, or unite all those who believe in Him
(see Mat. 12:30); and everyone, who will NOT obey Jesus,
shall be destroyed, from among the people of God
(see Acts 3:22-23).  AND, every nation, that
forgets God, will be turned into hell
(see Psalm 9:17, KJV).

These things are “written”
(as Jesus referred to God’s “written” Word),
and they will NEVER change.

Now, only those who can hear Jesus
(who is alive, and speaking to God’s children),
can obey Him.  However, most Christians,
who have heard Jesus, have chosen
to disobey Him, with regard
to being united, as

our being divided,
falling, and unable to prevail,
has had dreadful consequences,
in every aspect of our lives.

Only Christians have been given power and
authority over Satan, and over all of God’s creation
(see Mat. 17:14-21, and John 14:12).  However, when
there is sin in the camp (and division is a sin),
the power of God departs from us ‐‐
which we have observed,
lately, in America.

In order to remember God,
America needs a strong, and a united,
and an overcoming Body of Christ, or Church.
However, we have been weak, and divided, and
falling, because we have NOT been putting
God’s Word (who is Jesus) first.

Rather, we have been
putting men, or our leaders, and
the traditions of men first.

And, because of that,
America has been forgetting God,
and she has been being turned into hell,
right before our very eyes.

[Note:  If we, as Christians, do NOT exercise the power,
and the authority, that we have been given,
and Satan and his servants prevail,
it will appear as if that is God’s will ‐‐
however, that is NOT God’s will.  God’s will is,
for us, as Believers, to prevail, over the gates of hell.
And, as long as we are here, we will either to do it,
or we won’t.  And, if we won’t, we will suffer,
as those who don’t believe God’s Word,
enough to act on it, or do it, or
as Non-Believers.]

it doesn’t really matter,
what other people do, or don’t do,
please make sure that YOU listen to,
and obey Jesus (who is God’s Word),
so that He will find you worthy
of getting into heaven,
and more
(see Luke 21:36,
and Mark 11:20-26, etc.).

as Christians,
we can help one another,
to know what to do, and to also do it,
so that we can “all” be blessed.

Unless you are gathered,
and also helping Jesus, to gather,
or to unite those who believe in Him,
you are “automatically” helping Satan,
to scatter, or to “divide and conquer”
the Body of Christ, or the Church.

And, really, there is only one
Body of Christ, or Church
(see John 10:14-18).

[Note:  When sheep are scattered,
they are vulnerable to wolves,
vipers, foxes, and more.]

It’s your future.  And, actually,
it’s “everyone’s” future, because,
if America falls, before Satan,
and his servants (like France fell,
before Hitler, and Nazi Germany, in WWII),
everyone on the planet will suffer, in a HUGE way.

Please do NOT be deceived,
“everyone” is involved,


if you have ears to hear,
and you are willing to take action,
please contact us, IMMEDIATELY, so that
we can be united, and stand, and overcome,
and receive every “good” thing, that
God has promised us.

And, to contact us,
please leave us a message,
at (855) JESUS – IS (a 24/7 Voice Mail).

And, may the Living God bless you, and yours,
and all of us.  Help us, Lord.

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