It is wonderful,
that you believe in Jesus.
Jesus is God.  And, God is the one
from whom all blessings flow.
But, we have some really
bad news for you:

We, as Christians, have been divided, and falling,
while Satan, and his servants have been united,
and prevailing, both in America, and abroad.

And, as Christians, we will ultimately suffer, terribly,
unless we unite, and start working together, immediately.

BUT, in general, our leaders have NOT “responded.”

The fact is, for the love of money,
most of our leaders have betrayed us.
And, really, we have betrayed ourselves,
because we have endorsed those leaders,
by our silence, or by supporting them,
in, or with their divisive tactics.

Clearly, as Christians, we
MUST get, be, and stay “united,”
and start “working together”
(in every aspect of life),

our leaders have neither united us,
nor have they done those things that are necessary,
for us to even be “able” to be united.

So, it’s up to “us,”
to unite.

unless we unite,
on purpose, and for a purpose
(as “members” of the ONE Body of Christ),
unity will NEVER “happen,” and the blessing of the Lord
(that maketh rich, with no sorrow attached)
will NEVER “manifest.”

if we aren’t blessed
(as those who support America),
America won’t be blessed.

Now, if you can see, that,
if America falls, it will be very bad for you,
and for everyone on the planet, and, if you believe,
that (as a united, and standing, and overcoming Body)
we can “turn things around,” please leave us a message,
at the number below, and someone will call you back,
to let you know EXACTLY what you can “do.”

(855) JESUS – IS (a 24/7 Voice Mail)

And, may the Living God bless you, and yours,
and all of us.  Help us, Lord.

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